100% Pure

The Trail Provides. This is a phrase that I have heard and experienced many times before. And all I can say at this time, after only being “on trail” for six days, is this phrase holds truer than ever.

I was able to get a hitch all the way up to Hart’s Pass the day after I arrived in Vancouver, from three gracious strangers. The last of which was a guy who was out for an overnight, location yet to be determined, and he ended up taking me all the way up the harrowing dirt 4X4 road to the trailhead. This could not have worked out any better! Arriving there was like this complete 180- having left Los Angeles one day and within less than 36 hours I was on the PCT making new friends and organizing my food for the next few days. I was fortunate, too, because I connected with another hiker from San Clemente, at Harts Pass and we have been hiking together ever since. 

We started out Northbound to the Canadian Border on the 9th of July  in perfect weather, sunny, 60’s, no wind, patches of snow, wildflowers galore and big puffy clouds. It honestly could not be better out here. I thought WA would be wet, cold, buggy misery, and it could not be any further from the actual experience I have had so far. It is spectacular, and I just feel so much Gratitude every day. This is Love. I have everything I need and want.

There are so many feelings (too many to sum up here in a quick post) related to being back at the PCT Monument at the Northern Terminus, to relive the entire Northbound Hike I did last year and finished only 9 months ago, all swirling around in my heart in a pure moment when I hugged those wooden posts that demarcate this living, breathing path. I realized then, that I am back, in the Space Between, the PCT. In that moment sitting there staring at the Monument, remembering so much and also wondering what is to come, I felt more committed than ever to making this happen, all the way to Mexico. 100% Pure. Here I go. 

One thought on “100% Pure

  1. It’s not the beginning or the end, it’s the journey in between. I’m glad I could help you on the way Mary Poppins.

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