Full Circle

Saturday July 8th, 2017. It’s going to be a Full Moon tonight. What a better time to begin the continuation of this journey. When I completed my Northbound thru-hike of the PCT last year, I knew already that making it to Monument 78 at the US/Canadian border was not the “end” of the road. Not in the least. I never wanted it to end, and now I know it doesn’t have to. Ever.
Whether I am on the trail or in the city, the journey continues, the opportunities for daily practice are abound. Whatever the lesson, whichever the medium of delivery, lessons are there to be learned all the time. Right now, however, the lessons I will learn will be delivered in the form of walking into the Unknown, into the Unbounded and Undefined Space-time of the Trail. A sleek multi-dimensional tunnel of energy infused with the love, hardships, struggles, epiphanies, exuberances and breath of thousands of pilgrims who have walked over this land. My walk, my memories, my breath from last year still linger there and I will now go back to meet them, completing the circle.

A dear friend of mine told me the day before I left the city: “You know, everyone always talks about going Up the Mountain, about getting to the top, but they never talk about coming Down. You are now coming down from the Mountain.” Yes, precisely. She nailed it, this is the coming down from the Mountain. The journey I started last year is far from over. That was half the circle, a perfect split Moon hanging in the sky. Now, the second half begins to fill in, as I walk Southbound on the beloved PCT, and fill in the rest of the magic glowing Orb, to become complete, to deepen my Knowing of life’s meaning and gifts, and to complete the Full Circle, 2650 miles South of Here.

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